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manage projects
and business plans

MIP is the ecosystem you need to plan, manage and implement your projects.

It helps project teams work together more easily, quickly and intelligently, using tools that automate processes - increasing productivity.

With this online project management tool, you will no longer experience delays and losses due to operating errors, poor planning or incorrect data in reporting to the financier.

Management tool needed for your team

Parameters improved by MIP:
Loss of money (-65%), Staff (-45%), Time (-76%), Risk (-50%), Team effort (-70%)

General presentation

Easily plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects of all sizes, on time, using a single project planning software with all the right tools in one place.

We created the eMIP platform, with the aim of digitizing the management and reporting processes of projects financed from POCU, POEO, and POIDS.


Where are we now? The number of projects implemented through eMIP, the number of users, etc., you can find out by accessing the page through the button below.

6897187 - online tutorial online video t

Note: This video material is made for demonstration purposes, so that the interested parties can follow the generic mode of operation, without constituting a tutorial - not all the functions and facilities of the platform are presented. The presented project is a DEMO type, in which all information (users, projects, names of experts, functions, activities, partners or beneficiaries, business plans, etc.), documents, deliverables presented, are purely demonstrative, any resemblance to reality, is purely accidental, eMIP cannot assume any responsibility in this regard.

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By using MIP, we achieve: system uniformity, accelerate, monitor, regulate, plan, organize and operate the data, processes and teams of experts involved in project implementation. The general and related characteristics of this management tool are presented below:

2981576 - 1.png


All reports, archives and stack files (upload to MySMIS)  are automatically generated in the same formats, structures, with links to deliverables, verified to ITM requirements 

2981591 - .svg.png


Experts are managed  as functions. An account (user = email) can be associated with one or more projects, and in a project, the expert can occupy several functions.  

2981602 - .svg.png


The financing request is organically transposed within the Platform, respecting the hierarchies and the level of access, through Roles assigned to the experts.

2981578 - .svg.png

Activity Planning

The project team management plans the activity of the team on each expert through CalendarExpert and ActionsPlanning.

2981594 - .svg.png

Reports / Archives

The entire activity registered in CalendarExpert is automatically exported to Reports ( Annex 7 /  Annex 18 ), being generated complete archives, per project.

2981593 - .svg.png


Processes are accelerated due to their automation, saving resources  human resources, time and money.

2981612 - .svg.png


Standardization of processes at the level  partners, generates uniformity in reporting, drastically limiting the spread of errors and financial losses.

2981624 - .svg.png


Funding application, calendar of activities, list of experts, CIMs, budgeted hours / each expert, etc. - are actions  which make up the project virtualization process

2981617 - .svg.png


Each function in the project has an associated CalendarExpert, in which the associated activity and deliverables are recorded.

2981613 - .svg.png


Through the general export of the Calendars of the entire project team, cross-checks can be made regarding the distribution of deliverables loaded by experts on partners.

2981588 - .svg.png


A designated Expert can monitor  one or more Business Plans (PAs), both on the entire PA and on monitoring components (Budget / UK, Operations, etc.).

2981597 - .svg.png


Activity  can be documented in CalendarExperti by one  expert on the whole project, both in advance and retroactively.

2981581 - .svg.png


Through user-friendly interfaces and fluent processes, the operation of the platform is ensured even by staff without much experience in project implementation.

2981592 - .svg.png

Document Library

The document library is loaded by the management team and is used by Experts, according to the methodology of each project.

2981619 - .svg.png


The RT archive is specially prepared for uploading deliverables directly to MySMIS. The page is automatically generated with the paging of the deliverables in stacks, facilitating the verification by the Project Officer at OIR / AM level.

MIP service

Your activity is important to us, therefore, we recommend that you choose one of  the service packages that you match :



administrator  partner projects,  of the activities of the project teams, of the budgeted hours by experts, of the associated deliverables, respectively the generation of the reports and of the archives required by MySMIS

Working at Home


Management of the courses, of the library associated with each course (course support, presentations, questionnaires, video materials, etc.), but also of the students' activity.

1.2- Inlocuire ExpertMonitorizare.png

MIP & Business Plan

The package allows the management of the project and of the Business Plans (PA) financed by the project, but also the monitoring  new business synchronizing CalendarExpert monitoring with monitored PA.


a workshop

In a maximum of 15 minutes you will be able to take the first steps in MIP.

Plan an online workshop  ZOOM,  organized for the members of your organization, in order to understand as quickly and efficiently as possible the data flow, the operation mode, respectively the mechanism for generating the Reports and Archives, within the MIP Platform.


"I have implemented many projects through POCU and POSDRU and in many cases I felt the need to automate some processes,  rigor and control.  MIP has given us a perfect tool for project management! Thanks to the MIP team for this!

Do a great job! ”

EURO JOBS  - Petroșani

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Latest posts

We believe that the democratization of shared digital tools adds value to the business environment.

We are initiating for the MIP community a framework for expressing opinions on the development trends of these tools.  and the development needs of the IPM to align with these trends.

Partner  &  Partnerships

Our products would not have been developed without the support of strong partners. 

During 2021, we concluded solid partnerships with high-calibre partners, the ones concluded with TRANSETH CLUSTER and ANIS Romania, being the most recent and honorable ones that help us achieve as many sustainable development targets as possible.

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