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Another incredible year

In 2022, the eMIP platform faced many challenges. It has been used by more than 1600 users in over140 POCU projects and  200 business plans,  in various stages of implementation. These users have benefited from improvements to the eMIP infrastructure and the quality of services provided by the platform. These improvements were made possible by accessing the programMicrosoft for Startup Founders Hub, which enabled increased processing and storage capacity and access to Azure resources such as  enterprise cloud processing and storage solutions, SQL, Big Data, AI, etc. The eMIP team a  also accessed mentoring services throughMicrosoft for Startups Mentor Network.


Satisfied customers who operated the platform in 2022


Hours of personalized support provided  to users.


Hours of code development to refactor certain processes/functions and develop new modules


The eMIP solution accessesLayers 2 and 3 - within the programMicrosoft for Startup Founders Hub,thus having access to the resources and benefits offered by the program, which translate into Azure, enterprise-level infrastructure offered to users.


During the year 2022, of the 5 development objectives, code changes were made in  more than 25 cases  (new services ,  tools / facilities, optimizations and code refactorings), structured like this:

  1. The eMIP Intelligent Agent:

    • integration, models, API​

    • BD restructuring

    • Preparation "curator"

    • eMIP-AI Release - v1

  2. Business Plan:

    • eMIP Internationalization (USA, UK & Commonwealth version and browser localization)

    • Change version budget 

    • Remodeling process flow  StartUp > PA, for management Activity performed on employees​

    • Redefining budget line deletion processes, budget version,  budget category

    • Budget execution

    • Development of the critical restrictions system (deletion, filters, user renaming, email change, etc.)

    • Introduction of verification mechanism and rejection  of corrupt deliverables when loading on the platform.

    • The "remaining balance less than zero" record

    • Recalculation of remaining balance with filters on expenses and

    • Remodeling components Operations

  3. Modification of processes, interfaces, optimization and refactoring of eMIP components:

    • Generating mGT stack files with Opis.

    • Change authentication for users who enroll themselves in eMIP/Business Plan (without assistance)

    • Insertion in Calendar Expert of a PA monitoring mechanism, by transferring data from PA to Calendar Expert Monitorizare 

    • Insert mechanism of "acceptance of Terms and conditions of use / GDPR"

    • A7 Time sheet - without hours​

    • A18 Activity report - structure modification, common deliverable for several experts

    • Association process deliverable to GT members

    • Import GT members from Appendix 19 (MGT Register)

    • Implement 2FA authentication  on sensitive roles and functions

    • Remodeling and optimization of the stack file generation process: L,R, LT and mGT

    • 2 x eMIP infrastructure migration and upgrade

  4. Realization of LT Stacks

  5. The launch of the  eMIP application, in Google Play (Android)


Participation in 2 rounds, for the eMIP solution at the Microsoft #Buildfor2030 Hackathon - the last of these being very honorable, following the selection of the eMIP solution,

in the first 35 places out of the 325 participants, registered globally.


Find out more HERE

Development of the infrastructure of the eMIP Platform


eMIP is developed on the AZURE infrastructure, provided starting with  01.03.2022 by the eMIP project accessing  programMicrosoft for Startup Founders Hub. Here are some of 

advantages of using  Microsoft Azure as a cloud computing platform:

  • Scalability:Azure allows you to scale up or down as needed, so you only pay for the resources you use.

  • Reliability:Azure has a global network of data centers and an uptime SLA of 99.9%, ensuring that your applications and services are always available.

  • Security:Azure includes a number of security features and compliance certifications to protect your data and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Integration:Azure integrates with a wide range of tools and services, making it easy to build and deploy applications using the latest technologies.

  • Innovation:Azure is constantly introducing new features and services, giving you access to the latest technologies.

Benefits of the Microsoft for Startup program 

Microsoft fo startup.jpg

Here are some details regarding the Microsoft program for startups, accessed starting from March 2022, by the startup that developseMP platform:  

  • Microsoft for Startupsis a global program designed to help startups succeed by providing access to technology, mentorship and market opportunities.

  • The program gives startups access to a wide range of Microsoft technologies, including Azure, as well as training and support from Microsoft experts.

  • Startups accepted into the program also have the opportunity to work with Microsoft's sales teams and partner ecosystem to reach new customers and markets.

  • In addition to the technology and business benefits, the program also offers startups the opportunity to joinMicrosoft for Startups Mentor Network, which provides access to a global network of industry experts who can provide guidance and support.

  • The program is free to join and is available to startups at various stages of development, from pre-seed to Series A and beyond.

Personalized support services


The eMIP team, granted during the year 2022, over1100 hours of personalized technical support, so muchproject team members, and alsobusiness administratorsthat implement the monitored Business Plans that are monitored through eMIP. The support requests are various but the most frequent requests are:  

  1. Addition or iReplacement of project team members (configuration of new users, with loading of CIM, Job sheets, calculation of remaining hours, etc_ - 32%

  2. Reconfiguration of projects, following the approval of additional Acts / Notifications  to the Financing Application -26%

  3.  Modificari de  budget (changes in budgeted hours on assignments and activities) - 17%

  4. Operating mode training / retraining - 11%

  5. Other requests - 14%

Development of new services and work tools

Online Monitoring

More than 1540 hours were spent developing the eMIP code in order to improve  the user experience, under the following aspects:

  1. Completion and optimization   of some components of the eMIP core and  the Business Plan module, for the transfer of information within the PA monitoring process, but also for the finalization components: Budget Modification,   Budget Execution, Operations, but also Startup Activity Reports

  2. Adaptation of the eMIP platform to the changes imposed by AM POCU to the successive changes to the reporting documents (e.g. changes  Beneficiary Manual (July 2022 version)

  3. The refactoring of certain processes/functions and the development of the constraints system, necessary for the automation of some processes)

  4. Improving the infrastructure and quality of services offered by the platform;

  5. Release of the first version  aIntelligent Assistant (AI) eMIP, with AI and Big Data capabilities, based on text recognition (from holographic writing,  prints or photos), following the browsing, processing and "learning" of .pdf files. The smart assistant eMIP-AI, has the ability to learn and recognize different writing patterns, analyze and  index the content, respectively sort indexed files based on user-defined criteria.

  6. Diversification of work tools offered by eMIP to end users.

  7. The launch of the  eMIP application, in Google Play (Android), in a primary version, through which it will be possible to access analysis data but also upload data (invoices, OP, account statements) in order to operationalize new functions associated with the Intelligent Assistant, eMIP_AI.

  8. The launch of the service for sensitive functions / roles and the preparation of the extension of the two-factor authentication service (2FA) to all platform users.

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