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The mission,
Vision and
Our values

Mission: Innovative solutions, efficient management, access to European funding. Vision: Leaders in European project management, security and data privacy. Values: Innovation, quality, transparency, partnership, sustainability.


The mission of the company ALBADEV NET SRL, as administrator of the eMIP ecosystem, is to provide emerging and innovative solutions for the efficient management of European projects financed by European programs and their associated business plans. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers, and data security and privacy are priorities in our work.


We are committed to the highest technologies and standards of information security and privacy of data automatically processed within our platform.



Our vision is to become leaders in the field of European project management and business plans, offering advanced and secure technological solutions through the eMIP ecosystem. We aim to be recognized as a trusted provider of data security and privacy, ensuring that our platform complies with the highest standards and technologies in this area.

We consider the protection of sensitive information and automatically processed data to provide our customers with a secure environment and confidence in managing their projects and business plans.


  1. Innovation: We are dedicated to continuous innovation and the development of advanced technological solutions that meet the needs of our customers in a safe and efficient way.

  2. Quality: We strive to provide the highest quality services and products by ensuring that the eMIP platform adheres to the highest technology and information security and data privacy standards.

  3. Transparency: We promote transparency and ethics in all our interactions by providing our customers with clear and accurate information about the security and privacy measures implemented within the eMIP platform.

  4. Partnership: We build strong partnerships with our customers, working together to ensure the security and privacy of their data and to provide customized solutions based on their specific needs.

  5. Sustainability: We are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of businesses and communities, including responsible practices in managing data security and privacy and promoting the efficient use of resources.

eMIP Arch - cover1.jpg

These are the mission, vision and core values that we promote within the ALBADEV NET SRL company, respectively within the eMIP ecosystem, which includes the four emerging solutions:

(1) The eMIP platform - management of European projects financed by European programs,

(2) eMIP Business Plan  - management and monitoring of business plans and budget execution associated with projects financed through business plans),

(3) eMIP Arch - digital archiving solution equipped with Intelligent Assistant (AI) and

(4) eMIP Scan&Sign - solution for scanning and augmenting PDF files.

We ensure that data security and privacy are protected by implementing the most advanced technologies and standards in the field of information security and data privacy automatically processed within the eMIP platform.

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