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MySTART - Digitizes startup processes, provides transparency to the mentoring / monitoring process performed by funders, transforms teamwork and the financial performance of your organization


The complete management of the Business Plan, implemented by a startup, is done through MyStart - Business Flat. This super-module provides a set of software tools dedicated to managing current activities and reporting partial & final results to the funder, ensuring the transparency of the mentoring process.


Users who access MyStart - Business Flat, acting as Business Manager (MA), can manage the following aspects of the Business Plan being implemented:

(A) Data on the establishment of business, authorizations, RU and Business Plan:

  1. Management of data regarding the establishment of the business, respectively the changes occurred in the Trade Register (establishment of working points, addition of CANE codes, social parts, etc.)

  2. Management of records on: VAT, bank accounts, grants received through the project (grant value), authorizations, certifications obtained. Management of human resources, financial data of employees (CIM, Additional documents, job descriptions, payroll statements, REVISAL statements)

  3. Uploading business plan data and initial version and managing changes to business plan versions.


(B) Budget - Define budget structure and lines, manage budget templates, budget changes, and budget execution

  1. Defining the budget structure, by managing the categories of budget expenditures. Generating and managing budget templates.

  2. Defining the budget lines and loading the initial values ​​according to the structure and type of expenses approved by the financier.

  3. Managing budget changes and generating budget versions.

  4. Automatic generation of budget execution, following the registration of operations and the approval of expenditures. 


(C) Operations - recording of expenses, income and other supporting documents

  1. Management of Expenditure type operations (registration of the List of suppliers / recipients of payments, of payment documents, classification of expenses on budget lines, automatic calculation of amounts remaining on selected budget lines, etc.)

  2. Management of Revenue operations (registration of the Customer List, invoicing documents, classification of income on CANE codes, etc.) Accumulated income metering on CANE code.


(D) Procurement - Managing procurement files

  1. Management of budget lines, associated with procurement files and Procurement Plan.

  2. Procurement file management, depending on the type of acquisition, the value of the contract (with tracking of operations, expenses related to the acquisition)

  3. Management of procurement validation mechanism, etc


(E) Reports and Archives

  1. Generating direct exports of budget versions and budget executions from the Budget module.

  2. Generating direct exports of operations with filter application, from the Operations module.

  3. Generating Business Activity Reports (StartUp).

  4. Generation Report on the achievement of economic activities (income and expenses).

  5. Generating and downloading the Business Plan archive on the predefined structure.

  6. Stack file generation.

Below, we present some screenshots to illustrate how to manage information ...



Using the MIP platform - perform in real time the management, planning, organization, coordination, motivation, evaluation and control of ongoing POCU projects.


All the teams (management and project) of the partners, get quick access to the data of the managed projects, having at hand a set of customized software tools, for the successful implementation and at minimum costs of the project activities.


The MIP platform facilitates the implementation of projects, by remotely operating resources, by managing and monitoring the factors involved in the implementation path of ongoing projects. The designated users have secure access to the project resources, using any of the computer devices they have at their disposal: desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones.


Users who purchase the Business Plan Package have access to several facilities - including the MySTART Operation Plan - BUSINESS PLAN. The document is delivered in electronic format and presents both the information related to the logical aspects, the processes carried out and the system of constraints implemented, so as to facilitate the learning process of the users.

A sample of the Operation Manual is presented below, to exemplify the degree of detail of the information:

StartUp-infiintare PA.png
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