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Everyone is talking about the SME DIGITALIZATION program, which is currently on track for its launch, scheduled for February 1, 2023. For this stage, we want to provide a set of tools for interested people. Here is a first step.

Evaluation of the degree of SME digitization and elaboration of the Digitization Plan

Tool for identifying the Digitization needs of SMEs.

A first contact will be established after completing the evaluation questionnaire.

Tool for generating Declarations (Models A / I) related to the specific SME Digitization Guide


The list of errors, present in the documents associated with the SME Digitization Guide and Annexes

In consolidation..

Tool for the automatic generation of Declarations (Models 1-9)  related to the "SME DIGITALIZATION" Guide

Online Medical Consultant

Our services are addressed to Eligible SMEs with over 90 points in the RNRR- SME DIGITALIZATION program, who need a reliable partner to guide you in the digital transformation process and help you access the PNRR - IMM DIGITALIZATION program. Our team of experts can offer you the following advantages:

(1) Rapid assessment of the current level of digitization so that you can quickly identify areas for improvement and start working on the digital plan.

(2) Expertise in writing business plans and funding applications so you can make a compelling case for your project and increase your chances of getting approved.

(3) High level of expertise and knowledge in the field of digital technologies, so that you can be sure that the digitization process will be carried out according to the latest standards and best practices.

(4) Assist in the preparation and submission of bids for cloud licenses for ERP, CRM and other solutions.

(5) Web design services to improve your business's online presence and customer engagement.

(6) IT&C consultancy (implementation of the Business Digitalization Plan)

(7) IT&C audit (evaluation at the final tranche regarding the fulfillment of the DESI criteria)

(8) Professional IT training to improve your knowledge and skills. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Contact us until 15.02.2023 on our website in the Services section and let our experts help you access the PNRR - DIGITALIZATION OF SME's program and take the first step towards a more efficient and competitive business."

Tool for the automatic generation of Declarations (Models 1-9) related to the "SME DIGITALIZATION" Guide

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The tool includes several components that will increase the productivity of consulting teams, as follows:

  1. Tool for uploading the Applicant's data and downloading the Annexes, as they are presented in the Applicant's Guide.

  2. Macro commands for copying the consolidated data in the repository, respectively for emptying the content of the forms

  3. The list of Annexes 1-9 consolidated so as to meet the requirements, structured by versions, as the financier will modify them

  4. User guide and troubleshooting in case the connection between the Database (.xlsm) and the Appendices in Word format (.docx) is lost

The file system implemented within the forms is updated to the Corrigendum 2 version

The list of questions generated by the inconsistency of certain information presented contradictory in the Applicant's Guide / Annexes


Following the reading of the texts of the Guide by several Consultants in writing and the implementation of projects financed by European funds, a series of contradictory elements were identified, which create confusion among Consultants and also SMEs eager to access this Program.

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