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Video Tutorials

Watch step-by-step video tutorials to learn how to use eMIP to implement your ongoing projects.


General presentation 
MIP platform


  1.1.  MIP: POCU project management through the MIP Platform

  1.2. MIP: Projects, Partners,  Users - roles and functions in the platform

  1.3. MIP: Virtualization of the project  and  Budget hours / function

  1.4. MIP: Project activities,  Actions, Expert hours, Expert job description

  1.5. MIP: Actions - types and modes of loading

  1.6. MIP: Monitoring the budgeted hours by Activity and expert

  1.7. MIP: Parallel management of up to 6 POCU projects per expert

  1.8. MIP: Project management with and without "time slots"

  1.9. MIP: Expert calendar, activity report generation and job description (Annexes 18 and 4)

1.10. MIP: Reports and Archives

1.11 . MIP: Interconnecting the MIP Platform with the StartUp application

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Platform operation, reports and archives.


2.1. Operation: Project Configuration (Project Manager Role)

2.2. Operation: Calendar Expert (Expert vs. Project Manager)

2.3. Operation: Upload expert activity in Expert Calendar

2.4. Operation: Type action  Planning, Individual and team action

2.5. Operation: Deliverable - upload, view and assign to GT members

2.6. Operation: Loading and highlighting CO, CFP and CM in CalendarExpert

2.7. Operation: Upload “Other Projects” and “Other Activities” in Expert Calendar

2.8. Operation: Generation of Archives: Reimbursement request, Technique, RT experts

2.9. Operation: Deliverables Result - stacking _L and _R

2.10 Operation: User MIP management with Project Manager Role

2.11. Operation: Super export CalendarExpert - generate necessary data in RT

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Business plan 


  3.1.  Business Plan: Overview - source project, monitoring expert, etc

  3.2. Business Plan: StartUp Operation (Establishment, Authorizations, RU, PA)

  3.3. Business Plan: Budget Operation - Loading Categories and Budget Lines

  3.4. Business Plan: Operations Management - Expenses, Revenue, Other Operations

  3.5. Business Plan: Validation of operations, deliverables - Calendar Expert synchronization

  3.6. Business Plan: Budget Execution

  3.7. Business Plan: Modification and Approval of PA modification - budget versions,

  3.8. Business Plan:  Procurement - management and approval 

  3.9. Business Plan: Generate reports

3.10. Business Plan: Generate archives and stack type files  _BYE_

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4.1. General presentation  - Course Room  and Course Bookstore

4.2. Course configuration - training expert

4.3. management  smart forms

4.4. Export activity performed by students

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