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Partnership for beneficiaries of projects financed from POE, PIDS and PTJ

In the context of European funding, project management and implementation can be a difficult task with many challenges and risks. For this reason, BEST SMART CONSULTING, a company with extensive experience in writing, managing and implementing projects financed by European funds (..and not only), has partnered with the eMIP Platform to offer future beneficiaries of the POCU, POE, PIDS and PTJ - a complete and efficient solution for writing, managing and implementing these types of projects.

You will find a description of this partnership in the video material presented below:

POCU - Program Operațional Capital Uman,

POE - Programul Ocupare și Educație,

PIDS - Programul Incluziune și Demnitate Socială,

PTJ - Programul Tranziție Justă


The beneficiaries of these projects include various organizational and territorial organizations and associations, such as UATs, Local Action Groups (LAGs), ADIs, NGOs and SMEs.Through this collaboration, BEST SMART CONSULTING and the eMIP Platform offer a tracking and monitoring solution for projects financed by European funds.

As part of this collaboration, BEST SMART CONSULTING has been using the eMIP Platform for over 3 years and in the last year managed to recover 11 projects at risk of suspension or termination. Benefiting from the facilities offered by the eMIP Platform, the beneficiaries of these POCU projects (various UATs and LAGs), managed to straighten out their implementation process, reaching in a short time, "up to date" with all the technical-financial reporting activity.


  1. Writing the project and the funding request: In collaboration with the beneficiary's project team, we define the objectives, the activities with their results, as well as all other aspects necessary to define the budget and the elements that make it up.

  2. Assistance in the Contracting process: After winning the project, we dedicate ourselves to a detailed planning, with deadlines and fixed dates, to ensure an efficient and timely implementation of the project, until its completion.In addition, we propose an availability graph for all partners and prepare together with the project team the payment or reimbursement requests, adapted to the specific liquidity needs of the project.

  3. Implementation: During the implementation period, we support the project team in the preparation of reporting documents: preparation and generation of monthly Activity Reports, Time Sheets, respectively generation of the project's monthly Archive, for each member of the project team.

  4. We also support the management team in the preparation of Notifications, Additional Acts amending the Financing Request, Technical Reports, - monitoring the budgeted activity and result indicators.In this way, we document all the key aspects of the project, namely the achievement of the objectives and the assumed result indicators.

  5. Monitoring: For the "grant administrators", who manage and monitor the Business Plans financed by the project, we support you in the process of monitoring the StartUps, to which you grant funding - automating both the processes of managing budgets and financial execution, as well ason those for validating the operations, respectively generating the Startup's monthly activity reports.


Among the advantages offered by the solution proposed within this partnership are:

  • Efficient document management: The eMIP platform allows users to manage all project-related documents and data in one place, eliminating the risk of losing or forgetting certain documents.

  • Accessibility: The eMIP platform provides accessibility to documents and information to both internal and external users, including auditors and funder representatives.

  • Real-time monitoring: The eMIP platform provides real-time monitoring of projects and their status, facilitating prompt intervention if problems or delays are detected.

  • Automation: The eMIP platform automates project management and monitoring processes, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.

  • Security: The eMIP platform ensures the security of project-related data and documents, protecting them against unauthorized access.

  • Data centralization: The eMIP platform centralizes all project-related data, facilitating access to information and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Efficiency: Using the eMIP Platform

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