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INNOTECH STUDENTS entrepreneurs - use eMIP

Congratulations to the new INNOTECH entrepreneurs who use the eMIP Platform and the Business Plan management and monitoring module!

Among the new entrepreneurs, participants in the INNOTECH Students Program, who have already completed several stages of the program, there are also those who want to use modern means of business management.

As part of our campaign to promote MySTART - the software application for managing and monitoring Business Plans, access licenses to eMIP products were distributed free of charge.

In this context, we are happy to support through eMIP, the #DigitalTransformation of as many aspects of the ecosystem of these new businesses as possible.

Big plans, big business ideas - monitored alike!

Through eMIP, #MonitoringExperts have access to a complete suite of software tools for managing the following aspects:

  • validation of financial operations performed by entrepreneurs (expenses, income, other operations);

  • approval and management of changes to versions of the Business Plan and the Budget;

  • managing the budget execution of the Business Plans under monitoring; validation of documents associated with purchases;

  • managing the monthly archives / of the entire PA, as well as the monthly activity reports of the StartUps, during the entire monitoring period.

  • the automatic transfer of the deliverables validated in the Monthly ExpertMonitoring Calendar and in the Project archive, the source of funding within.

  • and more..

You can see all these tools "in action", in a workshop, organized free of charge by the eMIP team, for you and your project team!

Learn more about how to schedule a presentation workshop by accessing the Workshop and DEMO accounts section.

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