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Digitalization of SMEs: Searching for eligible beneficiaries

PNRR will allow through Component 9 / Measure 1. Minimis Scheme and State Aid Scheme in the Context of the Digitalization of SMEs, aims to grant Grants of up to 100,000 Euros to SMEs for the Adoption of Digital Technologies (equipment, software, respectively training and professional training programs in the field of IT&C).


  1. Most SMEs do not know if they are eligible under the PNRR || Component C9, Measure 1. Minimis scheme and state aid scheme in the context of Digitization of SMEs;

  2. Consultancy firms need accurate and up-to-date information, in order to contact only possible ELIGIBLE beneficiaries;

  3. Consulting firms require an efficiency of the process of evaluating opportunities;

  4. Evaluation of the eligibility of SMEs interested in digital development;

  5. Evaluation of SMEs from different eligible activity sectors;

  6. Identification of SMEs from the geographical proximity of the consultants.

  7. Identification and evaluation of SMEs according to the eligibility score;

  8. Lack of a minimal implementation model (cost estimator, required resources and services, training) for eligible SMEs;

  9. The preparation of joint offers of "specialized digitization packages" (products and services), which meet at least 6 of the digital intensity criteria, according to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI);

But what do you do, as a consulting firm, and you don't have time to wait for the SME to call, to provide them with information on eligibility, in the hope of concluding a few Consulting Contracts? Time passes and the possible beneficiaries do not stand still!


How about if you had access to the database with the 3000 - 5000 ELIGIBLE SMEs in your county? Yes, it is truly exceptional!

GRIDSEARCH has extracted for you the 262,392 companies eligible for the DIGITALIZARE IMM 2022 Grant. You can find these databases structured on all 42 counties, HERE


  • It is aimed at consulting firms that want to maximize their success rate.

  • The data are collected from public sources (Ministry of Finance and Trade Register), through an automated and integrated extraction process, then aggregated by the Data Engineering GRIDSEARCH Data team.

  • The Data Science GRIDSEARCH team designed the algorithms for estimating the eligibility of Romanian companies, in relation to the digitization initiative and using the documentation and guides provided by the Ministry of European Investments and Projects.

Instead of conclusions:

  1. The product is innovative and brings added value to the activity of consulting firms in Romania;

  2. A Romanian solution, for Romanians and their SMEs, in the hope of a functional PNRR;

  3. Congratulations to the GRIDSEARCH team for the product!

  4. The other data packages are also interesting: e.g. HORECA2 grant - List of companies eligible for funding (46,780 companies from Romania).


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