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If 10 years ago it was considered by many, just a play on words, in the last 2 years the word digitalization appears more and more often in the search preferences of Romanians, in favor of "digitalization". Are the two concepts better understood, or has there been a need for an orientation towards "digitalization" to the detriment of "digitization" in recent years? Is something positive happening in Romanian society, which would justify this trend?

According to the Gartner Glossary, digitalization is “the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value opportunities; it's the process of moving to a digital business

If digitization describes the conversion of physical / analog data into a digital format, digitalization describes the transformation of business processes into digital. Digitalization goes beyond digitization, leveraging technology to completely transform the processes of a business - evaluating, redesigning and reimagining the way you do business. If digitization is a conversion of data, digitalization is a transformation of processes - as states in the article Digitization vs.digitization: differences, definitions and examples.

Analyzing comparatively the trend of the search preferences of the two terms, for Romania between 01.01.2016 - 19.02.2022, with the help of Google Trends, we obtain the following evolution:

There is a clear increase in interest in DIGITALIZATION in the last two pandemic years, probably due to the "digital transformation of public administration" expected to be funded by #PNRR and promoted by RDA (Romanian Digitization Authority). What is certain is that all the older and newer controversies surrounding the Ministry of Digitization and its plagiarizing or mystical ministers have stimulated the popularity of "digitalization" to the detriment of Romanian "digitization".

Maybe a digitization minister with the expertise of Bozhidar Bozhanov (Bulgarian e-Government Minister) - included in the top 100 of the open source contributor in the world, would change many things, compared to the traditional "Romanian specific" - so popular still.

DIGITALIZATION - of interest in Bucharest and in 6 counties

The source of interest for "digitalization" is found only in the 7 "subregions" presented by Google Trends through the counties of Ilfov, Brasov, Cluj, Timis, Prahova, Iasi and the capital. In conclusion, we need to do more for the private sector through our own initiatives to promote digitalization not only as terminology used in everyday speech, but especially through concrete steps taken in digitalizing important activities / processes in some businesses.

The eMIP platform is one of the examples of involvement in this transformation, which we want as deep as possible and with immediate results. The way we are involved in being part of this, we present it to you in future posts.

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