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SME DIGITALIZATION - Taking unnecessary risks?

Following the publication of MIPE Order no.2170 of 02/08/2023, annexes and guidance, of Corrigendum 3, of 02/08/2023, we found ourselves assaulted by a new wave of service offers, more and more interesting and challenging! More recently, IT companies offer consulting in writing projects, and consulting companies offer IT services and expertise. What does all this mean?

Due to the successive stutterings of MIPE and the excessively long extension of the period of "preparation for the launch of the program", the eligible SMEs will end up taking unnecessary risks, recommended by some pseudo-consultants or pseudo-IT experts!

A. Assuming UNUSED FINANCIAL results

In financial projections (Cash Flow/NAV calculation), do not estimate growth rates higher than 4% between forecast years - you will not get higher scores. Ex: If in 2022, you recorded a turnover of 500,000 lei, to determine the turnover in 2028 (the 5th year of the forecast), you can estimate maximally and sufficiently, the following scheme:

  1. Year N (2022): Turnover = FY2022 = 500,000 ron

  2. Year of Implementation (2023): CA2023 = CA2022*(1+0.04) ........ Year P5 (2028) = CA2027*(1+0.04)

The cumulative percentage of growth assumed for the entire period 2023-2028 is K= 17.8%, and in case you opt for maximum weights (15%/year), the assumed growth rate reaches over 201% - unacceptable assumption for neithera business administrator!

B. Taking unnecessary digitization targets

1. Purchase software solutions that have been on the market for at least 3 years, with many reviews, tested by users, but also with stable teams that develop the product further.

An IT company sent me an email today, recommending that I purchase consulting services from them for: designing a digitization solution (technology selection, project planning, architecture design and review, code review, performance optimizationand scalability planning) .. that is, my SME in the service sphere, will have to go through all these stages in a few months - until a stable, mature tested product, able to go into production - IMPOSSIBLE !!! A prototype can be made in a few weeks..

2. Request native software solutions, developed by teams located in Romania, for the local market.In this way, you will avoid using solutions that are not adapted to the legislation in Romania and that cannot be changed when some legislative changes appear.!

3. Achizitionați licențe software, nu soluții stand alone instalate pe servere proprii. Există mai multe avantaje ale utilizării unei soluții cloud în locul unei aplicații stand-alone instalate pe servere proprii:

  • Accesibilitate: Accesul la o soluție cloud se poate face de oriunde și de pe orice dispozitiv care are o conexiune la internet, ceea ce permite utilizatorilor să acceseze datele și aplicațiile lor de oriunde.

  • Scalabilitate: Soluțiile cloud pot fi scalate în funcție de nevoile companiei, fără a fi necesară achiziționarea și instalarea de noi echipamente hardware sau software.

  • Costuri reduse: Utilizarea unei soluții cloud poate fi mai economică decât achiziționarea de hardware și software propriu, deoarece nu sunt necesare cheltuieli pentru achiziționarea și întreținerea echipamentelor.

  • Actualizări automate: Actualizările de software sunt gestionate automat într-o soluție cloud, astfel încât compania nu trebuie să își asume responsabilitatea actualizării sau a întreținerii.

  • Securitate: Serviciile cloud sunt configurate pentru a proteja datele și aplicațiile utilizatorilor și a le face mai sigure decât în cazul în care acestea ar fi găzduite în interiorul unei rețele private. Marii jucatori din piață investesc zeci de milioane de euro, anual - in cercetare dezvoltare pentru menținerea nivelului de securitate al infrastructurii de gazduire la nivel inalt.

  • Distribuirea controlată a datelor: Utilizarea unei soluții cloud permite utilizatorilor să distribuie date și documente mai ușor și să colaboreze mai eficient.

3. Purchase software licenses, not stand alone solutions installed on your own servers.There are several advantages of using a cloud solution instead of a stand-alone application installed on your own servers:

  • Accessibility: A cloud solution can be accessed from anywhere and from any device that has an internet connection, allowing users to access their data and applications from anywhere.

  • Scalability: Cloud solutions can be scaled according to the company's needs, without the need to purchase and install new hardware or software.

  • Low costs: Using a cloud solution can be more economical than purchasing your own hardware and software, as there is no need to spend on purchasing and maintaining equipment.

  • Automatic updates: Software updates are handled automatically in a cloud solution, so the company does not have to take responsibility for updating or maintenance.

  • Security: Cloud services are configured to protect user data and applications and make them more secure than if they were hosted inside a private network.The big players in the market invest tens of millions of euros, annually - in research and development to maintain the security level of the hosting infrastructure at a high level.

  • Controlled data sharing: Using a cloud solution allows users to share data and documents more easily and collaborate more effectively.

4. Auditing the fulfillment of at least 6 DESI criteria , it must not include other types of audits, than exclusively verifying the fulfillment of the criteria and nothing more! Such a service must not be valued at more than 500 euros / audit day and cannot last more than 3 days, regardless of the system of audited or SME solutions.

5. Verification of the fulfillment of the DESI criteria does not involve auditing the source code! Such a requirement, on the part of an evaluator, may be considered suspicious and exceeds the requirement of the Guidelines. We can only imagine such a requirement for the implantation of instruction mechanisms in the system / data collection or code theft!

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