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How manage Business Plans through the MySTART application - with or without monitoring (mentoring)

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

How to manage Business Plans (PA) in MySTART:

  1. without monitoring/ mentor - made individual account by MA (without MIP team support)

  2. with monitoring / mentoring - the business plan is made within the framework of an "umbrella" type project, which provides the source of funding for the Business Plan.

For the first case (a), the full management of the PA is carried out by the Business Manager (MA - the direct beneficiary of the business plan, respectively the Legal Administrator of the StartUp), without a third party being involved in monitoring the implementation of the business plan.

In case (b), the management of the business plan by the MA with the monitoring of all activities carried out by the MA to ExpertMonitoring throughout the implementation period.

ExpertMonitoring - is designated by the Project Manager from the funding source project. It can be replaced at any time, with the mention that during the monitoring of the Business Plan, all Operations associated with the PA are validated by ExpertMonitoring, and the deliverables are targeted / signed both in stack files (_PA_...) and in the source project Archive .

Individual PA management - without monitoring/mentoring:

Business Plan management is carried out individually by the Business Manager (MA) - without mentoring/monitoring and without the intervention of the MIP team.

Account registration is done by accessing the link From the authentication screen, select the Account registration field, following the steps to set the password, confirm the email address, etc. After registration, you will have access to the Unconfigured Business Plan. After registration and first login, you have access to the Business Plan template, free of charge, without the assistance of the MIP team.

For configuration, you can follow the steps presented in the MySTART User Manual. After configuring your Business Plan, follow the data upload stage as follows:

  1. StartUp vertical menu: Establishment, Authorization, Human Resources and Business Plan.

  2. Budget vertical menu: Define budget categories (budget structure), Define Budget (load budget lines). To proceed to stage 3, it is necessary to have approved the initial version budget (V.0) by registering it in the menu StartUp>> Business Plan>> Table "Add / Modify PA and Appendices & Approve changes" and select from the "Status" list approval" of the status APPROVED. After this stage, you must go to the Budget> Define Budget vertical menu and complete the V.0 version of the budget. After completing these steps you can go to step 3 - Loading Operations.

  3. Operations vertical menu: Load operations, in the sequence described in the Operations tutorial.

Management of the Business Plan through a Funding Source Project.

This process is exclusively addressed to entities that implement funding source projects, and whose activity is the provision of state aid through the financing of business plans.

Sub-processes launched from the Funding Source Project:

  1. Configuration of Business Manager accounts (at level)

  2. User account association (Business Manager - MA) with Business Plan Generation, Project association, funding source, assignment to Partner, association with a Monitoring Expert.

  3. Upload the Business Plan Start Date and Implementation Duration

  4. Validation of PA deliverables and operations (Revenues, Other Operations and Expenses),

  5. Validation of changes to versions of the Business Plan (approval / rejection, but also the possibility of requesting clarifications)

  6. Validation of records on Human Resources (Contracts employees, additional documents, job descriptions, etc.),

You can learn more about configuring Business Plans, here..

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