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eMIP | Scan & Sign - the new mobile PDF scanning and augmentation solution.

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The digital revolution has brought a multitude of advantages to our daily lives, and the transformation of physical documents into digital formats has become a necessity. In this sense, the eMIP platform ( has developed an innovative solution called eMIP | Scan & Sign, which offers new capabilities for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).This module is designed to revolutionize the way we scan, process (augment) and manage documents through our mobile devices, having the possibility to holographically sign scanned documents.

Mode of operation of the eMIP solution |Scan & Sign, is presented in the tutorial below:

The Intelligent Assistant of the Platform automatically augments the document, applying new facilities in the scanned PDF, thus offering the possibility of performing advanced search operations in the content (with display and highlighting results), even from images, stamps or handwriting (holography) respectively prints. (see video from min. 1:31)


  1. The person with visual impairments can listen to the audio file generated from the photos taken with the documents; (see video from minute 3:43)

  2. The Startup Manager who manages his project through eMIP- Business Plan, scans invoices or fuel receipts, automatically converts them into a PDF file and automatically uploads them to the eMIP cloud, from where he can access and operate them at any time;

  3. The Archivist or Accountant can take pictures of documents with atypical formats (e.g. Receipts, receipts or fuel receipts, Report R, Report Z - cash register, etc.), and generate the archive file that can be signed upon verification, being subsequently uploaded automaticallyin the eMIP Arch. application, in order to archive;

  4. The expert from the PEO / PIDS project team, in the field during the recruitment process of GT members, can scan and sign documents with the mobile device;

  5. Co-workers / Project Team Members / Business Partners, scan and share documents, which they annotate and holographically sign using their mobile phone or tablet;

eMIP | Scan & Sign reprezintă o soluție inovatoare și versatilă pentru dispozitivele mobile, care ne permite să scanăm rapid documente, să le prelucrăm și să le gestionăm în format digital. Cu ajutorul funcționalităților avansate, precum OCR-izarea, recunoașterea automată a formelor și structurilor, semnătura electronică, criptarea și multe altele, putem realiza o varietate de operațiuni esențiale într-un mod eficient și securizat.
eMIP | Scan & Sign


Using the eMIP solution | Scan & Sign brings many advantages for users. Here are 10 of them:

  1. Increased Efficiency: The eMIP App | Scan & Sign enables quick scanning of documents using the mobile device's camera, eliminating the need to use a traditional scanner. Thus, we save precious time and can manage documents more efficiently;

  2. Portability: Thanks to integration on mobile devices, the eMIP solution | Scan & Sign allows us to scan and process documents wherever we are, without the need for additional equipment or access to an office;

  3. Improved quality of scanned documents: The application automatically detects the edges of the pages and corrects possible distortions, ensuring that we have clear and precise digital documents;

  4. Converting handwritten text to digital format: OCRing from holographic writing allows us to convert handwritten text into a searchable and editable digital format, making it easier to search and modify the content of documents;

  5. Automatic recognition of shapes and structures in documents: The automatic recognition function helps us quickly identify and extract relevant information from documents, such as names, addresses, phone numbers or barcodes;

  6. Simplified electronic signature: We can electronically sign scanned documents directly from your mobile device, without the need for manual printing and signing. This facilitates the process of signing and quickly distributing documents in electronic format;

  7. Information security: The application enables encryption and security of scanned documents, protecting them with a holographic signature and a certificate assigned by eMIP's X.509 authentication service. Thus, we trust that our information is in maximum security;

  8. Easy sharing and collaboration: Annotated and signed documents can be shared over the local network, messaging services or email, facilitating collaboration and communication with co-workers or business partners;

  9. Integration with the other applications of the platform: eMIP | Scan & Sign integrates with the other applications of the eMIP document management platform, giving us the opportunity to work in a synergistic way and optimize the workflow;

  10. Improved accessibility: By converting document content into audio files, the eMIP solution | Scan & Sign facilitates access to information for visually impaired people. In this way, information from holographic writing or pictures can be accessed by people with disabilities.

In conclusion, eMIP | Scan & Sign is an innovative and versatile solution for mobile devices that allows us to quickly scan documents, process and manage them digitally. With the help of advanced functionalities such as OCR-ization, automatic recognition of shapes and structures, electronic signature, encryption and more, we can perform a variety of essential operations in an efficient and secure way. The continued development of the eMIP platform and the addition of new features will help create an improved experience and optimize the workflow of document management in the digital age.

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