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eMIP®Arch: Innovation and Compliance in Electronic Archiving

The eMIP team marks a significant moment in the electronic archiving industry, being authorized by the Romanian Digitization Authority (ADR), through ALBADEV NET SRL, as an electronic archive administrator. This achievement underlines the compliance and excellence of eMIP®Arch, our SaaS solution, which has successfully met all legal requirements necessary for accreditation.

ALBADEV NET SRL autorizată de ADR ca arhivar electronic, lansând eMIP Arch, o soluție SaaS securizată

Innovation in Electronic Archiving with eMIP®Arch

eMIP Arch is distinguished by its ability to provide an integrated experience, both on the web platform for archivists and administrators, and through mobile solutions available in the App Store and Google Play for customers.

These mobile applications allow users easy and secure access to archive content, including advanced search in holographic writing, images or prints. Users receive notifications on their mobile devices when new documents are uploaded, and when a document is downloaded, eMIP Arch provides an electronic signature with its own certificate, thus ensuring data integrity and security.

This accreditation and the advanced functionalities of eMIP®Arch represent an important step towards a modern and efficient electronic archiving, reflecting ALBADEV NET SRL's commitment to innovation and security in the digital field.


Publication of Decision no. 954/13.12.2023 regarding accreditation of ALBADEV NET S.R.L. by the Authority for the Digitization of Romania marks a defining moment for the electronic archiving industry in Romania, through the innovation brought: global indexing in content.

This accreditation not only validates the high security and compliance standards of Arch's eMIP solution, but also opens up new possibilities for efficient and secure data management in the digital age. It is an important step that underlines the eMIP team's commitment to excellence in digital innovation.

Decizia ADR nr 954_13.12.2023
Download PDF • 231KB


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