MIP10 - Standard (monthly subscription)

MIP platform, presentation of operation mode and advantages of use.

  • 45 minute
  • Subscription
  • On-line

Service Description

For the supply, * MIP10 service * must go through three stages: * (1) MIP10 service configuration. * This consists of * project virtualization * and initial configuration of the user and the role he has in the project: Expert role / Project Manager role. If the Virtualization of the project means loading the project on the Platform and setting it according to the Financing Request (partners, activities, Gantt chart, functions / partners, etc. ) - * the activity being performed by the MIP team *. * (2) Project team training * * (3) Operationalization & Launch *

Politică de anulare

To cancel or reschedule please contact us 24 hours in advance! Thank you for understanding.. The MIP team

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