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eMIP Arch - digital archiving solution, eligible under PNRR - Digitization of SMEs

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

In the digital age, digital transformation has become essential for SMEs. In this sense, Arch's eMIP solution can be what small and medium-sized enterprises need to digitize their business processes. In addition, the purchase of eMIP Arch licenses through PNRR - Digitization IMM is an eligible expense, being financed within the program.

Watch Alice - the intelligent assistant of the eMIP ecosystem, in the presentation below to see our solution in action:

The benefits of purchasing the eMIP Arch solution are multiple, among them being that the solution meets five (5) of the DESI criteria, out of the minimum 6 required by the program:

  1. The first DESI criterion refers to the use of computers with Internet access by at least 50% of employees.By using the eMIP Arch solution, employees can access business data and collaborate effectively in the online environment, thus contributing to increasing the number of employees who have access to the company, using devices with access to the eMIPArch - mobile application.

  2. The second DESI criterion refers to the expenses with the services of converting archives from analog format to indexable digital format. With Arch's eMIP solution, SMEs can digitize all important documents and quickly find the information they need in an easy-to-access and manageable format.

  3. Criterion 8 DESI, refers to the purchase of sophisticated cloud computing services. eMIP Arch provides a powerful cloud data management platform, enabling SMBs to effectively manage their data in a secure and scalable environment.

  4. DESI Criterion 9, refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology by SMEs .eMIP Arch uses AI algorithms to extract relevant information from documents and provide information by intelligently indexing the content, which can increase business efficiency.

  5. DESI criterion 10, refers to the purchase of cloud computing services used on the Internet. By purchasing eMIP Arch licenses, SMEs can use the solution online and benefit from all the advantages of cloud data management and processing.

In conclusion, the purchase of eMIP Arch licenses through PNRR - Digitization IMM can be a beneficial investment for SMEs, as the solution can help businesses meet the important criteria for the DESI program and optimize their business processes through digitization and the use of artificial intelligence technology.

For additional information, you can contact us at 0745128387, or by e-mail at


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