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DIGITALIZATION IMM - Tool for automatic generation of Declarations - annexes to the Financing Applic

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The new tool for the automatic generation of Declarations related to the application for financing from the PNRR - SME DIGITALIZATION program, published and offered FREE of charge by the eMIP team, allows applicants and consultants in writing projects with European funds to quickly and efficiently generate the necessary declarations to request financing for projectsdigitization.


  1. Saving time: The automatic statement generation tool allows companies to fill in the forms and provide the necessary information in an interactive and intuitive way, thus reducing the time needed to request financing.

  2. Effort reduction: The tool can be used to automate and simplify the financing request process, thus reducing the effort required to complete all the statements.

  3. Accessibility: The tool can be accessed online, so companies can fill in the forms and provide information from any location.

  4. Verification and validation of information: The tool can be used to verify and validate the information provided by companies, so that they are complete and correct.

  5. Automatic generation of the documentation: The tool can be used to automatically and quickly generate the set of Declarations (Model A - Model I), thus speeding up the submission of the Application for Financing and the digitalization Business Plan of the applicant.

  6. Reduction of errors: The tool can help reduce errors and misunderstandings that can lead to the refusal of the requested financing.

  7. Useful for small and medium-sized companies: The tool is particularly useful for small and medium-sized companies, which may usually be less familiar with the process of obtaining financing, but also for consultants who want to increase their productivity.

  8. Updated information: The tool is regularly updated, so that companies have access to updated and correct information.

  9. Technical support: The eMIP team offers technical support for the use of the tool, so that companies can access help in case of need, via email:

  10. Access to financing: The tool can help companies access the necessary financing for their digitalization and modernization projects.


As I have already mentioned, the tool is useful both for SMEs as applicants, and for consultants who prepare the Application for financing, the Business Plan with the related Annexes, which also contain the Package of updated Declarations.

It should be mentioned that this first updated version according to the SME Digitalization Guide - Corrigendum 15.01.2023, is addressed to Autonomous Enterprises, the version addressed to Related Enterprises and Partner Enterprises - being in the works.

In conclusion, the new tool for the automatic generation of Statements related to the PNRR program funding application - SME DIGITALIZATION, published by the eMIP Platform team, is an important step in automating and digitizing the process of writing and preparing the PNRR C9 M1 program funding application file- DIGITALIZATION OF IMM.


After downloading the 1.DATE GENERARE ANEXE v (XYZ) archive and saving the content, please open the _Date generare Anexe.xlsm file to familiarize yourself with the work sheets.The data already uploaded are demonstrative. For operationalization, the links between the two files must be restored (see Instructions, step 6 - "Restore links between files").

Read the instructions and use it as such! Self-troubleshooting: B@U

Share the tool and tell others about it!

2. DATE GENERARE ANEXE v3(25.01.2023)
Download ZIP • 1.03MB

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